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 Picnic Awards

Thank you to everyone for another great year of racing! Here is the list of awards and the people who won them! Congratulations to everyone who won an award.

Future Bmxer for 2003 Season: Cassie Puddy

Perfect Attendence:                                                                           JJ Pagel (5 years in a row!!!)                                                             Kyle Celichowski                                                                                 Aj Klebs

The Best Sportsmanship of the year:                                                 Adult Sportsmanship goes to Paul Weimer                                  Teenager Sportsmanship goes to Billy Sulicz                                     Youth sportmanship goes to J Kenneth King

The loudest Cheering Team for the year: Geared 4 Racing

Best Crash of the year: Dale Jackson

Best Jumper for the year: Dallas Weimer

The loudest cheering parent for the year: Jenni Lind

Girl Cruiser:                                                                                     Gina Pieper

Girls:                                                                                                 7th place: Kierra Hoover 113 pts                                                          6th place: Megan Beck 123 pts                                                             5th place: Desirree Roeder 128 pts                                                         4th place: Katie Hari 139 pts                                                                 3rd place: Cassie Michler 157 pts                                                         2nd place: Nicole Winke 178 pts                                                             1st place: Gina Pieper 181 pts

Experts:                                                                                             10th place: Austin Lind 193 pts                                                                9th place: Jacob Dittel 194 pts                                                             8th place: Ryan Tennessen 206 pts                                                           7th place: Justin Stoegbauer 213 pts                                                     6th place: Jared Sanchez 218 pts                                                         5th place: Billy Sulicz 219 pts                                                                 4th place: Kyle Celichoski 231 pts                                                           3rd place: Zach Clark 249 pts                                                                 2nd place: Jory Riebe 274 pts                                                             1st place: Dallas Weimer 299 pts

Intermediate:                                                                                     10th place: Collin Smith 165 pts                                                              9th place: Joey Tagliava 169 pts                                                             8th place: Zach Fromhart 183 pts                                                            7th place: Cody Krupp 190 pts                                                             6th place: Josh Tennessen 194 pts                                                         5th place: Seth Burckle 211 pts                                                             4th place: Colton Krupp 217 pts                                                             3rd place: Aj Klebs 222 pts                                                                     2nd place: Jordan Jackson 232 pts                                                         1st place: Tyler Miller 242 pts

Novices:                                                                                             7th place: Kim Krupp 51 pts                                                                 6th place: James Graves 90 pts                                                             5th place: Blake Matamoros 100 pts                                                         4th place: Guy Davies 101 pts                                                             3rd place: Dustin Mickus 102 pts                                                             2nd place: John Putzer 112 pts                                                               1st place: Orlando Garcia 132 pts

Cruiser:                                                                                             7th place: Kommanche Jordan 102 pts                                                     6th place: Jim Wood 105 pts                                                                5th place: Thomson Remo 119 pts                                                          4th place: Cory Frick 157 pts                                                                 3rd place: Collin Smith 179 pts                                                            2nd place: Dallas Weimer 217 pts                                                          1st place: Jacob Dittel 245 pts

Teams:                                                                                             5th place: The Bomb Squad 255 pts                                                         4th place: Valley Bike 440 pts                                                                 3rd place: Torque Center 612 pts                                                          2nd place: Voodoo Racing 915 pts                                                             1st place: Geared 4 Racing 955 pts 

Top Ten Over All Riders:                                                                     10th place: Jared Sanchez                                                                   9th place: Billy Sulicz                                                                          8th place: Aj Klebs                                                                             7th place: Kyle Celichowski                                                                 6th place: Jordan Jackson                                                                     5th place: Tyler Miller                                                                         4th place: Jacob Dittel                                                                         3rd place: Kyle Celichowski                                                                 2nd place: Jory Riebe                                                                         1st place: Dallas Weimer


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