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Welcome! To the new Fond du Lac BMX Website!


The Fond du Lac Bicycle Club has pledged $2,500 to the Fond du Lac BMX Clubhouse building fund! The FDL Bike club is challenging any other business, organization, or individual to match its donation. There is also a Dollar Campaign throughout the city, canisters are located at various businesses, so please donate a buck or two. I will have more info on the fundraiser when I get it and will post it a.s.a.p.

Well when I was attempting to fix the website I hit the wrong button when transfering it onto the internet (which is why it's been goofy the last few days if you've been on here... But I got everything back up except for the buttons....... which could take awhile becuase I have to figure out how too. But the good news is I can put the links here.. so the picnic results page is The store is and the message board link if found below. I'll try to have my buttons fixed as soon as possible. Also I think the picnic awards page is a little funny looking that will be fixed when I get the buttons up, sorry for the headache you get from trying to read it but nothing I can do about it.

I have a message board  up now! On this board there is a classified section, a wanted section and a Question and Answer section. For now you don't need to join the board to post on threads all of the threads are open to "guests" but if I start having problems with posts or something else I'll start making the threads only available to members. Which is free it just gives me more control over who is posting and what is being posted. Remember the message board will only be useful if people use it, and these things could help you a lot so read it and post on it as much as possible! Use as a link until I can get the button working.


The races for the REST of the Year have been Cancelled! The picnic will be on OCT. 19 now at the Skate park. There will be NO race we will just hand out awards and have the picnic. Quick and Smart will be there to take team and individual pictures, so bring your bike if you want a picture. If you would like to bring a dish please e-mail Linda Weimer at telling her what you're bringing by Oct. 10.

Also the FDL BMX club will be having a general meeting October 14, at 7:30 in the Parkside School Cafeteria. Remember the club has meetings the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm at Parkside School. 

 Remember! If you renew your membership at Fond du Lac BMX you get one FREE race! Plus the more renewals and new riders we get, the better chance we have at holding the Wisconsin State Finals at Fond du Lac BMX. 

Contact Information

Fond du Lac BMX:
Phone / Pre-registration: (920) 602-0652
Paul Weimer, Track Operator:
Phone: (920) 921-1976

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